Julie: My twins were born on March 16th at 36 weeks and 3 days. I was having constant contractions that were extremely painful but not regular so I went to the hospital and they recommended doing the c section that night since I was so close to full term and their policy was not to stop contractions with medication when past 36 weeks. Right after we agreed to the c section I began to have horrible stabbing pains and when they cut me open they found that my uterus had ruptured at the site of my old c section scar and baby #1’s amniotic sac was protruding through and the placenta was in partial abruption. They quickly got the babies out who were in perfect condition (Apgar scores of 10 and 10) and everyone was just fine. No NICU and we all went home 4 days later. The doctor said if I had not come in the situation would have been life or death for the three of us. So very scary but happy ending to the story. Both girls are doing very well, they are continuing to gain weight, and are very strong. Thank you!