Of late, patients are demanding reassurances from the fertility centres regarding the egg donation cycle. In view of this, we at Cyprus IVF Centre have introduced a 10 egg guarantee protocol. In this, we reassure our patients that we would retrieve at least 10 eggs from the donors chosen by them. Normally, we successfully retrieve about 15 – 20 eggs from each donor. However, in order to offer you complete peace of mind and relaxation during the IVF cycle; we give you a 10 egg guarantee that would exclusively be used only for your cycle. In a situation when we are unable to provide you with 10 eggs, we guarantee an entire cycle of IVF free of cost. From the time Cyprus IVF Centre came into existence; we have never retrieved less than 10 eggs from each donor. You can therefore, rely on us and undergo the procedure with peace of mind with the 10 egg guarantee.

At Cyprus IVF Centre we aspire to improve each and every step of IVF cycle to give you a positive outcome. For this, in addition to the 10 egg guarantee introduced by us, we also provide 5 day culture of your embryo to its blastocyst stage absolutely free of cost. Such a process is done to maximize the chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Therefore, with the 10 egg guarantee protocol coupled with 5 day culture embryo transfer, we hope to provide the best of services to our patients and help them fulfill their dreams.

We do not consider age as the bar when it comes to embryo transfer. Some fertility clinics of Europe and Cyprus often take into account the age of the women and decide the number of embryos to be transferred. We however, do not encourage such a practice. At Cyprus IVF Centre, a total of 3 embryos are transferred to your womb regardless of your age. You would be happy to know that we even provide service to older women and do not count your age as factor when it comes to IVF. Three best quality embryos are selected for transfer with a hope of achieving positive outcome.

In many cases, there are several leftover embryos that have not been used in the cycle. In such situations, we make special efforts to carefully freeze the embryos to be used in future cycles.