Nowadays, there is an increased tendency towards late childbearing with more and more women in modern society wanting to get pregnant and give birth while in their 50s. It could be either because they didn’t have the opportunity to have an offspring earlier in life due to health problems or because of a second marriage and the desire to have children with their new life partner. Sometimes, it is simply because of the couple’s wish to enjoy life or take their career to higher levels and then consider having a child at around the age of 50. However, at that time, they will face a small obstacle, which, for some people, is unsurpassed; the woman loses her childbearing possibility as soon as menopause sets in.

But, does she really ?

Don’t listen to those that will try to clip your wings and don’t give up hope just yet. Women over 50 CAN have children, as long as this is a well-managed and well-informed decision. At the Cyprus IVF Centre, Team Miracle and renowned fertility expert doctor offer fertility treatments to patients over 50 with remarkable success rates.

Fertility Over 50

Why do women over 50 face so many problems related to their fertility? Because, women in their 50s are going through menopause, which means that they stop ovulating. And, with no eggs, fertilisation (hence, pregnancy) cannot occur.

You see, women are born with about 2 million eggs, and as they get closer to menopause, the remaining eggs are no more than 100. That decline in the number of eggs comes with a drop in their quality, as well as age-related changes in the uterus that contribute to reduced infertility. What is wondrous, though, is the fact that although a woman’s eggs have an expiration date, her uterus can still provide a welcoming environment for a fetus to grow into, making pregnancy at an older age something completely feasible, even if the woman cannot use her own eggs!

IVF Over 50

For many people across the world, struggling with infertility is closely associated with increased levels of anxiety, stress, and depression, which, in turns, have an impact on the patient’s quality of life. This is why, it is our responsibility to try to alleviate the mental pain and come forward with options and possible solutions to the problem.

The good news is that we CAN say that there are no age limitations in North Cyprus for a couple or single woman who wish to have a child.

IVF is for everyone, regardless of their age. During the procedure, the doctor takes your partner’s sperm cells, which are active at any age, and fertilise your own eggs (if you have any good quality ones that can be used for IVF). If you cannot produce viable eggs anymore, the Cyprus IVF Centre has a wonderful egg donation program and a large database of young egg donors (< 26 years of age) that have all been pre-screened for diseases and genetic disorders. That aside, our patients can also choose their donor and select one that meets their wishes and requirements. They may even have eggs donated from a family member or close friend if they are healthy and pass our screenings.

Is IVF Over 50 Legal in North Cyprus ?

In most European countries, IVF procedure is not legal for patients over 43-45, mostly because of ethical considerations that can not be justified through medical reasoning. This is one of the reasons why so many European citizens in their 50s travel to North Cyprus to have their IVF treatment or try any other modern technologies in the field of reproductive medicine. And, with the great results they can get from the Cyprus IVF Centre, who can blame them? As of now, Our doctors have helped hundreds of women over 50 years of age to give birth to perfectly healthy, happy children without any issues whatsoever. It should be noted that our fertility clinic has been granted permission by the Ministry of Health and can legally provide valuable assistance to patients that are indeed fit and healthy enough to have a child regardless of their age.

Note: Medical problems can arise during pregnancy and both the baby and the mother should be cared for by a reputable physician. It is the responsibility of an able physician to make that call, after reviewing the patient’s medical history closely.

Why IVF with Donor Eggs ?

There is a higher incidence of chromosomal abnormalities in the eggs of women in their 40s and 50s. This means that if they do manage to get pregnant naturally and have a child, their offspring has increased chances to face health issues. If you combine that with the gradual decline in male fertility that peaks at the age of 50 (and all associated sperm-related problems), it becomes apparent that trying to get pregnant while enjoying the 6th decade of your life comes with a certain set of challenges.

With donor eggs, there is a significant change of scenery. First of all, we eliminate all age-related problems and genetic issues that a baby could have as we use eggs of young and healthy donors. Secondly, donor eggs give the chance to women in their menopause to experience the excitement of having a child when they want it the most and not when the world expects them to have one. Finally, you know that you get high-quality eggs that are them combined with your partner’s DNA. Plus, you get to choose the egg donor based on your personal preferences, be it the color of their hair/skin/eyes, nationality, occupation, educational background, and many more.

What to Do if You are Having IVF Over 50 in North Cyprus

Always with a distinct focus on our patients’ own health, Our Doctors recommend patients over 50 that are being offered fertility treatment to:

  • Undergo hormone testing and certain other tests to screen their liver and kidney functions, as well as thyroid tests. Depending on the results of these tests, the pregnancy could either be allowed or avoided altogether.
  • Undergo cardio check-ups to exclude heart problems that could put their health at risk wile pregnant.
  • Have their blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels checked.
  • Have regular health screenings (including ultrasound scans to monitor the baby) during pregnancy, to prevent age-related pregnancy complications.
  • Come to terms that they only way to get pregnant over 50 is usually with IVF using donor eggs.

Note: There are times when a woman passes the medical requirements but is still not offered IVF treatment as an option. This is because our doctors have assessed her case and decided that there are increased health risks for that women if she gets pregnant.

IVF has brought a beam of hope to many desperate couples that want to live the joys of parenthood. At the Cyprus IVF Centre, you have a strong ally that can help you towards achieving your dream. As long as your health allows it, we can grant your wish to start a family, regardless of your age.

We are living in the 21st century and as modern, open-minded people and medical experts, we have taken an oath to offer our medical services to those that need them the most. So, what if you are over 50? Family life can begin at any age!

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