Since the tragic war in Ukraine began earlier this year, all around the world, individuals and organisations have been pulling resources together and working as a Global Team to help Ukraine’s citizens survive this crisis.

Team Miracle here at Cyprus IVF Centre, is not only concerned with creating babies and happy families, but our priority is also to support and save children and families that are in immediate danger. As a fertility clinic, we cannot stand by and just watch these dangers rise daily. Therefore, it is with great honour that we have provided a donation to this precious cause. A child is a gift to be treasured and protected and who better to assist these millions of Ukrainian children, than Fertility Clinics who provide this gift of parenthood to our cherished clients?

We are stronger and better together, so let us all join as a united Fertility Clinics in North Cyprus and donate to help these beautiful children receive the food, water, medical care, homes, electricity, education and protection that they desperately need right now to ease their suffering as best we can.

Visit the UNICEF site now to donate