Sperm donation process is the one wherein male donors donate their sperms to help couples conceive. There are various reasons which compel couples to seek help from donors; one of them being too low sperm count in the male partner. In such cases, the method of donor sperm comes of help. When your partner has low sperm count, Doctor will test the semen sample using the Micro TESE procedure. The sperm quality will then be studied and the future course of action is designed accordingly. In case, Doctor doesn’t find the sperm competitive enough for a successful IVF cycle, then he would advise the couples to go for donor sperms. Low sperm counts as well as poor sperm quality are some of the reasons for failed IVF cycles in North Cyprus. The North Cyprus Sperm Donation process understands your emotions attached with the IVF cycle and therefore it has made provisions to match the photo of the donor with your male partner, which enables you to get the best match.

Sperm donation in North Cyprus maintains an exhaustive list of donors for you to select the best out of the rest. You can also specify the characteristics you desire in your donor and we will try our best to give you the best possible match.

In North Cyprus sperm donation process, couples need not worry about the health status of the donors as they are thoroughly screened for various diseases regularly. At Cyprus IVF centre, we regularly screen our sperm donors for infectious diseases every 2 months. The donors are tested for Anti-HIV, VDRL, Rubella IgG, Anti-HCV, HbsAg and CMV IgG. In addition, we also make necessary arrangements to carry out spermiograms on regular basis to test the quality of the sperms. This is done so that we can provide the couples with best donors.

Cryos International

Of late, Cyrus IVF centre has joined hands with Cryos International to get easy access to the database of sperm donors. Cryos International has the largest record for sperm donors in the world. It has a website wherein all kinds of details for all types of sperms donors are systematically maintained. Earlier, this record could only be accessed by physicians and hospitals and therefore we had to carry out the duty of selecting the right kind of donor by the criteria given by you. But in the year 2009, Cryos International opened an entire new department especially for private customers. This implies that our patients can now easily view the database and select the one that fits their criteria and needs. In view of all these benefits, it gets wiser to consider sperm donation in North Cyprus. The best and most exciting part is that the private department of Cryos International can be easily accessed as it is not password protected and you can view the entire list of donors and select the one that suits you the best.

In North Cyrus Sperm donation process, couples can avail various benefits and get best for everything!!