For those who undergo it, IVF is a hugely important process. Infertility can cause all sorts of emotional and relationship issues and having this type of infertility treatment carried out successfully can become something of a lifeline for couples. So how can you maximise your chances of success? Well, you’ve already made the first step towards it by choosing to have your treatment the North Cyprus IVF Clinic. Statistics show that success rates for IVF carried out abroad in North Cyprus are significantly higher than in the UK. There’s no concrete data for why this should be the case, but the facts speak for themselves. If you have your treatment in North Cyprus, you are more likely to become pregnant.

Higher success rates due to relaxation? You may not realise it, but daily life at home can take more out of you than you realise. Because you are used to it, you may not recognise the toll that it takes on your body, which when you are trying to become pregnant is the last thing that you want. Having your treatment carried out at  Cyprus IVF clinic means that you can wind down and relax before it starts and then be able to rest at leisure afterwards. Most patients find that their ability to ‘switch off’ from everyday life is greatly enhanced by having their IVF in North Cyprus. You can leave the mundane behind you and concentrate simply on resting and relaxing after the embryo transfer.

In addition, there is also improved patient care with IVF in North Cyprus because you will be a patient in a smaller clinic. This means that you receive far more of your clinician’s time and attention, which is important in so many different ways. From questions to concerns to gaining information – more time with your doctors is always a good thing. You won’t feel rushed or have to wait hours to be seen and you will have confidence from knowing that every single aspect of your care is being co-ordinated by the clinic. You do not need to worry about organisation and apppointments; IVF treatment in North Cyprus is a far more relaxed process. And relaxation means your body slows down, calms down and is more ready for an embryo to implant.

One of the major contributing factors in so many couples deciding to have their IVF treatment abroad in North Cyprus is the fact that it is so much cheaper than in the UK if you are paying privately – and studies show that private IVF treatment is more likely to result in a successful pregnancy. At the North Cyprus IVF Clinic you get the best of both worlds. Patient-orientated, private care at a far lesser cost than in the UK. Of course this means that you have far more financial flexibility – with all the advantages this provides. Whether it’s saving for school fees or buying the pram that you want, having your IVF treatment done in North Cyprus means that you have more choices available to you.
Another huge benefit of having IVF in North Cyprus is the fact that you will have access to fertility treatment choices that you simply would not get in the UK. This includes services such as gender selection, the concept of a tandem cycle (where both your own eggs and donor eggs are fertilised simultaneously) and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. All of this combined means that you can go forward into your pregnancy with as much confidence as you could wish for.

Travelling abroad for fertility treatment is increasing in popularity. Along with cheap prices and the biggest choice of options, the fact that there are no waiting lists, and therefore no delay in treatment, means that more and more couples are electing to travel for IVF. It’s easier than ever, a safer procedure than ever, the same ethical standards exist throughout the developed world and there is no risk in flying to and from your clinic. Most will recommend 24-48 hours break between embryo transfer and flying; but it has been proven that aeroplane travel is safe for women during their two week wait.

Out of all the potential destinations, the North Cyprus IVF Clinic remains one of the most popular. Its balmy climate, Mediterranean diet and beautiful location back up a superb patient treatment cycle. Other countries are bound by restrictions, for example, in Turkey you must be married to have IVF and in New Zealand it’s compulsory to have a nuclear family unit ready for the baby before you are approved for treatment. There are no such rules in North Cyprus, meaning that you have nothing to worry about. IVF treatment is open to all, there is no discrimination on grounds of race, colour, ethnicity or sexuality.

A 2011 study from Bristol University found that in all cases of successful IVF treatment there were four, core factors. These are:

  • Relaxation and positive thinking
  • Having confidence in your medical team
  • Eating the correct diet
  • Having the support of your partner, friends and family

Just because these factors are present doesn’t guarantee a successful pregnancy of course, but they will definitely help. Therefore, choosing to have your IVF treatment in North Cyprus with Team Miracle was an excellent decision. You will know with certainty that your unique care plan will be mapped out for you and that you will have patient co-ordinators on hand to answer any questions or allay any fears. You will save money, benefit tremendously from the climate, food and relaxation, but most importantly you are preparing your body in the best way for growing that precious embryo.