The donor embryo procedure is the method of choice when the intended parents cannot donate their sperm or eggs due to infertility issues. Embryo donation in Cyprus has helped millions of couples with infertility issues conceive. Couples wherein both the partners are facing serious fertility issues and cannot use their own eggs or sperm for producing embryos seek help from the donor embryo procedure.

If you are interested about embryo donation in Cyprus you simply need to contact our coordinator who would provide you with all details regarding your treatment and transportation arrangements.

At Cyprus IVF Centre we offer 2 types of embryo transfer processes. These include: Fresh embryo and frozen embryo transfer. Both of these form an important part of the donor embryo procedure.

Fresh embryo

In this, the donor selected by you is given hormonal medications to stimulate her ovaries to produce more quality eggs. She would be monitored on regular basis during the medication course and when the eggs have achieved desirable size, she is called for egg collection procedure. On the same day of egg retrieval, the male donor selected by you is also called for providing his semen sample. The sperm is then injected into each egg using the ICSI procedure and kept for fertilisation.

Following this, the cells are allowed to fertilise and grow and form group of cells referred to as blastocyst. After about 5 days, the embryo is then transferred to your womb and you would be required to stay in Cyrus during this period. At Cyprus IVF Centre, we transfer about 3 good quality embryos. In case you wish to combine embryo donation procedure along with PGD sex selection then you can let us know. We would make the necessary arrangements for the same before you reach Cyprus.

Frozen embryo

Cyprus IVF Centre also offers you with the provision of frozen embryo transfer. In this procedure, the embryos prior to being transferred to your womb are defrosted or thawed for about 15 minutes.

Fresh embryos that are not used in the IVF cycle and are of good quality are frozen under controlled temperatures. The embryos can be frozen for about 2 years without its quality being affected. If you undergo all the preparations in your home town then you need to plan your travel to Cyprus only for 3 days.

If you need additional details about embryo donation in Cyprus you can contact us and have your queries solved.