It is not easy for every woman to consider the option of donor eggs. The fact that the quality of eggs deteriorate with advancing age cannot be easily digested by one and all. Thus, keeping the emotional factor in mind, we at North Cyprus IVF Centre allow you to use your own eggs and also of the donor to be fertilized with your partner’s sperm. We also guarantee you healthy embryos even if your eggs fail. So it as win – win situation for you; you are allowed to use your own eggs and we also promise you healthy embryos. The procedure of using your own eggs along with donor eggs for one IVF cycle is known as the Tandem cycle. Such a kind of procedure is not offered in any other IVF clinic other than Cyprus IVF centre. Tandem cycle in Cyprus is carried out using the original eggs of the women in conjugation with donor eggs. This kind of arrangement allows women to select the best embryo for transfer.

If you wish to avail the benefits of, the Tandem cycle in Cyprus then you need to contact the necessary authorities to get further information about the procedure. The procedure is carried out in the same lines as that of IVF cycle. You are given hormonal medications which would stimulate your ovaries to produce more eggs. You will receive the medications about 8 days before your arrival in North Cyprus. Upon your arrival to our fertility centre, we scan you to evaluate the endometrial thickness and your ovarian reserve. If the results reveal that your eggs have achieved the desirable size, then you are given the Pregnyl injection. Thirty six hours after the injection, egg collection procedure is carried out on you and your donor. Eggs collected are kept for fertilisation with the sperm. After the cells develop, the fertility specialists carefully study each embryo and you are provided with complete information about the nature of the embryos from both eggs. It would then be your sole discretion to decide about the kind of embryos to be transferred – the one developed from your eggs or that of the donor or a combination of both. Tandem cycle in Cyprus gives you the satisfaction of trying with your own eggs for one last time.

Women with poor egg quality or a low ovarian reserve greatly benefit from the Tandem cycle in Cyprus. If you wish to conceive with your eggs and want to give it a last try then the Tandem cycle is Cyprus is the best option. No other clinic in the world gives you such an option and you end up undergoing the IVF cycle with donor eggs.

Who is a good candidate for Tandem IVF Cycle?

Older women with poor egg quality or a poor ovarian reserve are considered to be good candidates for Tandem IVF cycle. As age advances, women also have elevated levels of FSH which again makes them suitable candidates for the Tandem cycle. With such high number of successful cases this method offers, Tandem IVF cylce has become a popular method at Cyprus IVF Centre. If you need to get more detailed information regarding Tandem cycle in Cyrus then you can fill up the contact form and can expect to get a call from us soon.