Fertile Ultimate® Microfluidic Sperm Sorting Chips

FERTILE Ultimate® is a revolutionary new technique that is designed to select the very best sperm from a semen sample, which in turn boosts the chances of successful IVF/ICSI and IUI treatments.

It’s designed for sorting sperms that have better morphology, genetic and physiologic quality.

FERTILE Ultimate® improves the processes of sperm washing, gradient centrifugation, assessing sperm motility and selecting the best sperms which have no DNA damage.

FERTILE Ultimate®, does not harm physically alive sperms unlike centrifuge or mixing with a vortex at any stage of the process. It’s a much smoother method than using some of the older sperm select techniques, so the time spent ensures maximum productivity.

FERTILE Ultimate®, provides results within 30 minutes with the best yield. Cutting down the time spent on obtaining the best sperm sample is a huge benefit, especially when one of the potential drawbacks of IVF/ICSI and IUI can be the waiting time for treatment.

As one of the best IVF clinics in Cyprus, we always ensure that we stay at the cutting edge of technology in this constantly developing and competitive sector. So that we can offer our patients the highest chances of becoming parents.

We have the highest standards of quality, service and safety! These are what constitutes the basis of trust and love of our patients to us.