21st of march our triplets were born

I'm please to say that on the 21st of march our triplets were born. All came out kicking & screaming. Ryan 4lb 10, Mason 4lb 1 & Lily 4lb 8 ?

All doing well, Ryan needs a little boost on his glucose but should be fine. Sharon is on the mend, tough going but shes getting there & we are both overjoyed.

We can not thank all your team enough for bringing these bundles of joy into our lives. You truely do perform miracles!

Thank you so so much ?

S & S

Very big thank you to doctor and all team

Hi Julie

I hope u all well ! I would like to say a very big thank you to doctor and all team and Umit I have just had healthy baby boy !!! Thanks a lot you gave us good support made my all dreams comes true we are all very happy now complete family thank you

Please pass on my thanks to TM…

Hi team miracle

This is a long over due thank you and update to let you know of the safe arrival of Oscar born 3 December weighing 7lb 12. He has just turned 2 months, now weighs 12lb 4 and brings me so much joy and happiness. Please pass on my thanks to all team.

I had a remarkably easy pregnancy and rather long birth with everything but a c section but all went well.

Wanted to share some photos of my bonny lad.

Hope all well with you, looks like you are getting lots of continued success.

Best wishes for 2016.


We can’t thank you all enough for this wonderful gift…

Hi Julie, Umit, the rest of the team.........

We are absolutely over the moon to announce that our beautiful baby boy Joseph entered the world on Friday 29th January weighing a healthy 7lb 14oz.

Again, we can't thank you all enough for this wonderful gift that you have given us. We are overwhelmed with love for him and are so happy to finally be parents.

We hope to be able to introduce him to you and some point in the future.

All our love and best wishes

Emma and Ian xx

Our baby boys arrived…

Hi Umit!

How are you doing? Our baby boys arrived on Sept 25th at 35 weeks & 1 day. All very healthy no need for special care. Evan is on the left at 5.9 pounds & James is on the right 6.4 pounds.

We’re so in love with our boys!

T & A from Hong Kong

Meet Luke & Daniel..

Meet Luke & Daniel..
Please show the rest including the doctor and thank you all very much

Bit of a panic last few week, Daniel blood flow kept going from negative to positive to negative hence size difference. Luke born by elective c section after 31 weeks and 5 days on the 10th dec weighing 4lbs 5 ounces and Daniel born 1min after weight only 2lbs 4 ounces. Both currently in icu but Luke been moved out today. Didn’t want to send pictures over until they were both off c pap machine and out of danger.
Tks a mill,
S & T

You guys are amazing


Where has 6 months gone?? The time has flown. Here are a few pics taken of Ted last week.

We have his christening in Wales this weekend and guess what? Its forecast to rain!!

He weighs 19lb 8 now so he's quite solid!! Talking of solids we are starting food but he's not keen at all unless he is feeding himself which as you know means just making a mess and eating nothing at all!! The dog likes it though!

I've given your details to a few people who were interested in our story. So hopefully they will book. I'm always happy to give advice to people who are undecided. Why people would do ivf here I have no idea. You guys are amazing. And even if we weren't lucky if still recommend you over here!!

Anyway how are you all?? Enjoying lovely weather I guess! How's the new clinic??

Hope you are all well.

Sara xxx

After 15 years of trying for babies

After 15 years of trying for babies and two failed IVF attempts in the UK. We were recommended to Team Miracle. You were fab and always had time to talk to us. our miracles were born yesterday at 0043, a son Joshua weighing 4lb 11oz and at 0044 our daughter Kyrena was born weighing 6lb 5 oz. Thank you ever so much for making this happen.


S and L

Hope all at ​Team Miracle are well

Hi Julie,

Hope all at ​Team Miracle are well.

I am sending you a long overdue update on my situation.

I was extremely lucky and had a relatively easy pregnancy with no major complications, I even managed to work up to 32 weeks pregnant full time with an hours commute. I then worked from home for another 4 weeks.

I am delighted to tell you that my beautiful twin daughters were born at 37 weeks 5 days on 7th July. Nell weighed 4lb 5 oz and Evie weighed 5lb 9oz.

They are six weeks old today and my absolute pride and joy. It is not easy but I am lucky to have a really supportive family who is even sharing the sleepless nights.

Thanks to all Team Miracle my hearts desire is a reality.

Best wishes

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I am very happy to announce the birth of my triplets.

Hi Umit
I am very happy to announce the birth of my triplets. Two girls and a boy, named Kate, Philip and Olivia. They were born at 34 weeks on August 5 th. I had a wonderful pregnancy and the children grew like any other baby. They enter​ed​ the world perfectly healthy and beautiful and they are doing great! I am over the moon with them. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this possible.

Kind regards,


The Netherlands

The born of the triplets

We are very glad to transmit you a very good news the born of the triplets Raphael 2Kgs, Herrman 1Kgs80 and Annaelle 1Kgs570, the date of birth is 8th May 2015.

The mother and them are in good health but at neonatalogy nursering, we are satisfied of the progress of their growth

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for every things.

Again thanks to you all Team Miracle!

Good morning. On 25 of april at 5.00 am we gave birth to Fay 2680 gram and at 5.35 am to Dean 2316 gram. Both are doing fine. I got ill so I was in the hospital for 1 week. Pregnancy of 36 weeks and 5 days....now we are at home. Totally in love with the twins!!! Again thanks to you all Team Miracle!

Many thanks love proud mum & dad of baby Noah

Hi Juile

Will you pass on my thanks to the whole team for helping me I am one very proud mum of a little 7 weeks old baby boy he's everthing I dreamt of and more very handsome and is doin well was born a month early at 5 pounds lovely head of black hair we have been on cloud 9 since 25th of feb many thanks love proud mum & dad of baby Noah

Very scary but happy ending to the story


My twins were born on March 16th at 36 weeks and 3 days. I was having constant contractions that were extremely painful but not regular so I went to the hospital and they recommended doing the c section that night since I was so close to full term and their policy was not to stop contractions with medication when past 36 weeks. Right after we agreed to the c section I began to have horrible stabbing pains and when they cut me open they found that my uterus had ruptured at the site of my old c section scar and baby #1’s amniotic sac was protruding through and the placenta was in partial abruption. They quickly got the babies out who were in perfect condition (Apgar scores of 10 and 10) and everyone was just fine. No NICU and we all went home 4 days later. The doctor said if I had not come in the situation would have been life or death for the three of us.

So very scary but happy ending to the story. Both girls are doing very well, they are continuing to gain weight, and are very strong.

Thank you!

Thank you for making our dream come true

Dear Team Miracle,

We want to heartily thank you for making our dream come true. Izabel was born on the 12th of November 2014 and is a healthy and most adorable baby. We could not have asked for better. Thanks again and keep doing your amazing jobs,

F and P

We would like to say a big thank you

Dear Julie

We hope all are fine on your side.

We just went to let you know that the babies has come out of the hospital and that they are doing fine. They both weight 2.6 kg.

Once again we would like to say a big thank you to you all at Dogus Centre.

Our precious twins have arrived

Hi Julie

We just wanted to let you know that our precious twins have arrived.

They were delivered on 26 June at 34 weeks as I had severe pre eclampsia.

Umut was born at 6lb 6oz and Melek at 4lb 2oz.
Both are doing very well and we came out of hospital today.
Please pass on our severe thanks to team miracle.
We have attached photo for you herewith.

Kind Regards
V & M

A Baby Boy is Born!
On march The 19th our baby boy Leon Nicolas was born!

Hi Team Miracle

We hope you are well! On march The 19th our baby boy Leon Nicolas was born! He is The most perfect baby and we are so greatful. Thank you for make our dream come true!

Thank you for our little miracle! We look forward to see you again When It's time for baby nr 2!

Best regards, A & N

Two Lovely Babies
Wonderful first Christmas with our two lovely babies
Ciao Umit and Julie

Ciao Umit and Julie

Thanks for the surprise, congratulation for your new baby born Mia, she's so cute.
And thanks for the nice family photo.
As for us we did have a wonderful first Christmas with our two lovely babies. Attached is a photo of their first Christmas.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2015

Love M, D and Kids