Wow Where has 6 months gone?? The time has flown. Here are a few pics taken of Ted last week. We have his christening in Wales this weekend and guess what? Its forecast to rain!! He weighs 19lb 8 now so he's quite solid!! Talking of solids we are starting food but he's not keen at all unless he is feeding himself which as you know means just making a mess and eating nothing at all!! The dog likes it though! I've given your details to a few people who were interested in our story. So hopefully they will book. I'm always happy to give advice to people who are undecided. Why people would do ivf here I have no idea. You guys are amazing. And even if we weren't lucky if still recommend you over here!! Anyway how are you all?? Enjoying lovely weather I guess! How's the new clinic?? Hope you are all well. Love Sara xxx