IVF has emerged as one of the most popular procedures in Cyprus’s growing medical tourism industry. Due to its high success rate in recent years and the excellent level of service, thousands of parents from all over the world travel to Cyprus to receive in vitro fertilization treatment. In vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques used by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) successfully have received worldwide recognition. The most significant factors that set us apart from other nations in the world when it comes to in vitro fertilization therapy are our costs, service standards, success rates, waiting times, and secrecy.

You will have plenty of spare time in Cyprus between your appointments to truly enjoy a vacation away from everything. However, data reveals that couples who utilize IVF throughout the summer months have a high success rate. There is a common misconception that the summer months are unfavorable for conceiving children and conducting IVF operations. Sunlight is the best natural source of vitamin D, which raises the likelihood that IVF will be successful. While May, June, July, and August are all ideal months for women who are having problems getting pregnant, summer is typically linked with tanning, vacations, and extended periods of sunshine. Because there is less natural light in the winter than there is in the summer, there hasn’t been a breakthrough in therapy. During IVF treatment, which is intended to induce ovulation during the winter, women require more gonadotropin hormones. Vitamin D keeps the body’s calcium levels at the proper level. It aids in the growth of teeth and uterine bones and raises immunity to a higher level. Vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for diabetes in pregnant women. Further research shows that low vitamin D levels contribute to infertility and that women undergoing IVF with adequate vitamin D levels are more likely to produce high-quality embryos and have a doubled probability of becoming pregnant. Additionally, it has been found that women who spend more time in the sun before starting an IVF cycle have eggs that are more mature, retain more moisture, and have higher birth rates. Women who spend more time in the sun are more likely to feel at peace during summer IVF rounds. Stress is one of the key variables that is believed to encourage the negative effect. In such a circumstance, a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant are also increased if she thinks favorably.

We would be more than pleased to assist you with your treatment at our facility. Don’t let underlying problems and dissatisfaction prevent you from beginning an IVF procedure this summer. Call the CyprusIVF Team. And tell us if you want to start an IVF process this summer. A group that is genuinely committed to supporting you in realizing your desire for a healthy child.