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Cyprus IVF Baby


  • 1 days of accommodation with Hotel or Apartment, Standard and Luxury residences on a Half Board basis.

  • Breakfast and Dinner included for the patient and the partner in the program (if any)

Cyprus IVF Baby


  • Your Medications** needed before embryo transfer is included in this package. May you need medications due to your current health conditions (i.e.: Levothyroxine, Clexane, Metformin) these medications can be provided as an extra upon your request.


  • * Free initial consultation does not include taxi transfers

  • ** All-inclusive medication needed before the embryo transfer must be picked up in Cyprus or be collected from your doctor at home (cannot be shipped from us)

Cyprus Kyrenia Old Harbour For IVF Holiday

LGBTQ+ families, you with no partner or if you prefer to do the treatment alone you are so very welcome to us!


Do you dream of having twins? Or longing for a specific gender of your baby? We can help you to try for that too.
Ask us for more info about gender selection. Usually we transfer 1-2 top graded embryo in blastocyst stage until a pregnancy is achieved. To increase the chance to hope for twins 4 blastocysts may be transferred in specific cases.
(If requested by the patient).


We also offer Pregnancy Guarantee packages and Baby Guarantee packages with refund, a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We have no fixed overall age limit and we have also a Pregnancy Guarantee Treatment for all ages.


We proudly present a new line of treatment packages with all medications, accommodation, food and car transfers included the price for your convenience. Even all your health tests is included the rice if you want to come and do them at our clinic! If you need donor eggs, donor sperm or donor embryos that is included too!


5 blastocyst embryos are guaranteed if you use a donor egg, many times the result will be even better. The sperm must have a minimum of 5% progressive motility, 4% morphology and 10 million count. Otherwise, the package can be performed without a 5 embryo guarantee or donor sperm can be provided upon your request.