Becoming a Single Mother

with Team Miracle

Compared to our mothers and grandmothers, today, we see that woman is more likely to be travelling, working, more educated and financially independent than ever before. These social trends have a significant impact on the decisions surrounding the motherhood.

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But Why? Because of time matters

Despite all these social transformations, unfortunately, biological facts remain the same – a woman’s fertility decreases as she gets older.

Women have much the same chance to conceive every month until the age of 35, and then this fertility rate begins to fall dramatically. 

The early 20s and 30s are the best time to conceive. After the 40, things can sometimes be tough. It may not sound fair, but the age of men’s may not be as important as a woman’s when it comes to fertility.

Therefore, the number of women deciding to go it alone and embark on single motherhood with the help of fertility treatments is increasing.

Here are some of the causes why:

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Not Finding Mr / Mrs Right

It is not always possible to find ‘Mr / Mrs Right’ before your fertility declines. This is because the right partner just hasn’t come along.

Education and Financial Independence

According to research, the more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to delay having children.

Now women continue to stay in school longer than men in higher education. Working long hours to creating a successful career and protect the competitiveness of the workforce usually delays the decision to having children.

After spending an average of 4 years in college, it is only fair that want a return on that investment. However, this investment in career and education has resulted in many more women being financially independent and to support a child on their own.

Prepare for your future family

If you are not yet ready to start a family, it is now possible to freeze your eggs. If you’re in the late 20’s or your early 30’s, this is something worth considering. Using younger eggs will give you a more successful pregnancy when you’re ready.

Egg freezing

Egg freezing may be an option if you’re not ready to have a family, and you want to maintain the chance of having one in the future.

Sperm donation

If you feel the time is right for you to have a child, we can help to conceive with donor sperm in several various contexts.

Our donors are subject to comprehensive screening before being received onto our sperm donation programme. This means that you can be sure of only being offered the very highest quality sperm.

During the IVF process, your chosen donor sperm will be used to fertilise your eggs on the day of egg collection.

Due to the laws in Northern Cyprus, sperm donors must be entirely anonymous. If you have a known sperm donor rather than one of the donors from the Team Miracle sperm donation programme (for example, a friend or sperm from any sperm bank around the world), we can facilitate professional counselling and safe, professional medical management to support the process of conception.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

IUI or artificial insemination is the primary treatment using semen from a donor for single women who want a family. You can take it with or without fertility medications.

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Families now come in more shapes and sizes than ever before. Increased access to fertility treatment for social causes has allows women who don’t have a medical problem of their fertility to begin a family.

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With IVF in Cyprus IVF Centre, you can be sure of receiving the very highest quality of care as you begin your journey as a single woman through fertility treatment. With the number of women seeking this treatment expanding rapidly every year, the knowledge, experience and resources being aimed at fertility treatment for single women are growing equally quickly too.

Wherever you are on your journey towards beginning a family, knowing and understanding all your options may give you the courage to pursue single motherhood, and by choosing the Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre you will be gaining a wealth of knowledge and support as you go through your journey.

If you think you may be ready to become a mom and would like to learn more about your options, contact with Team Miracle for a personalised consultation.