At the Cyprus IVF Centre, the reproductive medicine team are proud to be skilled in the very latest, cutting edge advances of fertility treatment. Since 1978, new and innovative ways of increasing the likelihood of successful IVF treatment have been sought. Of course there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution which is guaranteed to make IVF work, but with more and more research being carried out and more sophisticated technologies emerging, the more recent advances in the IVF procedure are showing to be very successful indeed.

EmbryoGlue is one of the latest methods which has been found to increase the chances of falling pregnant as a result of IVF. Though it seems a relatively new thing to most people, its use spans more than a decade. Current figures suggest that to date, 8000 babies have been born as a result of EmbryoGlue. With such a proven track record, fertility doctors are using EmbryoGlue more and more as part of fertility treatment.


What is this ‘glue’?

Clearly, when this is used as part of your fertility treatment in Cyprus, it’s not a ‘glue’ as we understand it to be. The name comes from the adhesive effect transferred to the embryos from the ‘glue’.

EmbryoGlue is a solution in which the embryos created at the Cyprus IVF Centre can be submersed for a few minutes immediately prior to transfer. This time in the solution gives them an adhesive effect, which helps to secure implantation in the uterus.

Can anyone have this treatment?

Yes. There are no medical risk factors associated with EmbryoGlue. However, it can only be done with a fresh embryo transfer. our doctors use EmbryoGlue for all patients having IVF in Cyprus at the Cyprus IVF Centre.

Can it harm the embryo at all?

Not in any way. Using EmbryoGlue at the Cyprus IVF Centre is a very safe procedure.

How does it actually work?

The solution in which the embryos are placed is made from a combination of ‘recombinant albumin’ which is the safest protein source available, with high concentration levels of hyaluronic acid. This may sound like an unfamiliar term to you, but actually, your uterus knows otherwise.

Hyaluronan is a naturally occurring substance in the body, found in all tissues. Both the embryo and the uterine wall have receptor sites for this molecule and the levels of hyaluronan actually increase in the uterus during implantation.

The EmbryoGlue solution also contains important amino acids and carbohydrates, both of which are useful in supporting the embryo as it implants.
From our experience at Team Miracle, the results have shown that there is a higher incidence of pregnancy when additional hyaluronan is used during the IVF treatments, compared to when there is no additional hyaluronan. Dr Christer Silversand, the research scientist, explains: “EmbryoGlue is the most well-documented, implantation medium with proven effect in IVF.”

How far before transfer are the embryos put in the EmbryoGlue?

As one of the final parts of the IVF in Cyprus, the embryos are immersed in this solution approximately one hour before they are transferred into the uterus. EmbryoGlue very closely resembles the environment of the uterus and the time the embryos spend in the solution allows the hyaluronan to bind effectively with them. This then acts as an adhesive when they are placed into the uterus.

What do the statistics actually say?

Recent studies show that using EmbryoGlue significantly increases the clinical pregnancy rate at the Cyprus IVF Centre and, more importantly, it also increases the live birth rate.

So far from causing any damage to the embryo, this solution can actively help you become pregnant.

Furthermore, the higher concentrations of hyaluronan thicken the embryo transfer medium which means that it is very similar to the consistency of the fluids in the uterus. This allows better mixing of the transfer medium and the uterine fluids, which is believed to minimise any potential ‘drifting’ of the embryo.

Do I have to include EmbryoGlue as part of my IVF treatment?

No. The use of EmbryoGlue is not compulsory. As always, our highly trained staff at the Cyprus IVF Centre will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your particular fertility treatment. We understand and respect that each person’s choice is unique to them and we are able to support you in whatever decisions you make. There may be some incidences when the use of EmbryoGlue is not appropriate, but any and all information will be shared with you well in advance of your IVF treatment in Cyprus so that you can make informed decisions.

Will I have to do anything differently after the embryo transfer if I have EmbryoGlue used?

No, not at all. Part of the success of EmbryoGlue comes from the fact that it does not replace any uterine function, it simply augments a naturally occurring process.

Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre is dedicated to giving you as much choice in your fertility treatments as possible and making sure that each individual patient has the IVF procedure they hoped for.