Fertile Ultimate® Microfluidic Sperm Sorting Chips

For the best chances of successful conception to happen you need good quality eggs, and good quality sperm, as a minimum. How to go about getting these together outside of the body is the holy grail of IVF treatment, and advances are being made all the time. However, not all of these advances carry the same weight that using micro-fluid sperm sorting chips do, making Fertile Ultimate an absolute game-changer in the assisted conception field of medicine.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this sounds like some sort of science fiction experiment, purely by the mention of ‘sorting chips’. But happily, it is not. Fertile Ultimate is actually a revolutionary new technique which is designed to select the very best sperm from a semen sample, which in turn boosts the chances of successful IVF/ICSI treatment hugely. It’s designed to sort sperm so that the ones with the best genetic, no DNA damage, morphological and quality are selected, i.e. all the things which denote a healthy sperm. And having this high quality sperm means that the fertility battle is half won. As an IVF clinic we always ensure that we stay at the cutting edge of technology so that we can offer our patients the highest chances of becoming pregnant.

The overall benefits of using Fertile Ultimate are to improve the processes of sperm washing, gradient centrifuging, assessing sperm motility and to select the best sperms which has no DNA damage. It’s a much smoother process, unlike using some of the older sperm select techniques, so the time spent ensures maximum productivity. And cutting down the time spent on obtaining the best sperm sample is obviously a huge benefit, especially when one of the potential drawbacks of IVF/ICSI can be the waiting time for treatment. Fertile Ultimate application time max. 30 minutes – a massive improvement by anyone’s standards. By taking away the longer preparation times associated with other older selection techniques, this allows us to increase the number of patients that we see in that timeframe. So, if we were able to treat ten people before, using Fertile Ultimate would mean that we could see fifteen, for example. That’s just an example and not necessarily representative of the actual treatment time, but it does illustrate one of the major benefits of this new processing technique. Less time spent equals a more streamlined experience.

What makes Fertile Ultimate stand out from the crowd?

There are other ways of sperm selection like washing, swim up, gradient, centrifuge, making sure that the maximum number of healthy sperm is selected for the treatment process, but these come with disadvantages. Centrifuging and mixing with vortex both carry the risk of harming the sperm by placing oxidative stress on the cells, which studies have shown creates DNA fragmentation and therefore negatively affects the chances of successful IVF/ICSI treatment. And when some couples are relying on just one or two rounds of treatment, this makes their chances of becoming pregnant much higher – which is exactly what we are here for.

Obviously, any process comes with its drawbacks, and IVF ones are no different, they do come with their own risks. The difference here is that all assisted conception successes rely on making them as good, and as smooth, as they can possibly be. There’s no blame here, but it’s a fact that by using Fertile Ultimate, you are significantly reducing, or eliminating, the most common material, technician and solution errors. And not only that, the risk of contaminating the semen sample is also much decreased because Fertile Ultimate doesn’t need any pre-treatment, it is a complete product on its own.  In addition, the possibility of eliminating sperm samples with DNA damage using another technique is not possible with sperm selection techniques other than Fertile Ultimate.

Fertile Ultimate is also a highly effective system for processing the sperm from beginning to end, so the eventual product is safely collected. Rather cleverly, by using micro-fluid techniques it also mimics the conditions of the female reproductive system, which facilitates natural sperm movement so outside influences are kept to a minimum. Having as natural an environment as possible for the sperm also boosts the chances of successful treatment. Ultimately, the aim is to make the conception happen as it would naturally without assisted fertility processes – the exact thing that Fertile Ultimate promises.

From a safety perspective, these chips come with a unique serial number and ID data stored on their surfaces, so no need to worry about getting them mixed up – you can have absolute confidence in our storage systems.


We’ve covered the benefits of using micro-fluid sperm sorting chips, what difference they can make to assisted conception processes and the reasons behind their sophisticated development. But sometimes it’s best to talk in real terms – so, using this product gives the sperm more than twice the viability, motility and morphologic normality overall, compared to using unprocessed sperm. And it takes much less time, meaning less time for patients to be away from home.

As a clinic, we are committed to giving our patients the very best experience possible from beginning to end, which is why we are proud to offer the option of using Fertility Ultimate as part of our treatment options.