Teaming Up

Undergoing IVF treatment is likely to be one of the most exciting, testing, frustrating and worrying times of your life. The urge to have a child is a powerful one, as human beings, we have been designed to procreate, it’s a very base instinct. However, sadly, conception and pregnancy just do not happen for some people, whether it’s unexplained infertility or as a result of an underlying health condition. In some of these cases, having fertility treatment is likely to be the only way forward. 

Here at Team Miracle, we are experienced in absolutely every stage and aspect of fertility treatment and our success rates are amongst the highest in the world. To understand properly what we offer as a clinic, it’s important to understand what the steps are for each assisted conception process and how we support each and every one of our patients all the way along their journey towards parenthood.

By the time you reach out and contact us at the Cyprus IVF Centre, you will probably have read through our credentials and all of the information about our treatments online. 

We recognise that undergoing IVF can be an expensive process, which is why we offer very competitive rates, but without compromising on the care quality. It’s important to us that you feel properly supported at every single stage of the treatment, whether you are here at the clinic, or at home, and we have all of the necessary experience to make that happen. It’s not just about the medical procedures, it’s also about your state of mind and getting your body ready so that we have the highest possible chance of creating a successful pregnancy. 

The treatments that we offer are:

– IVF with ICSI

– Egg donation

– Tandem Cycle (Own Eggs & Donor Eggs Simultaneously)

– PGD / Gender selection (Family Balancing) 5 to 8 chromosomes

– Sperm donation

– Embryo donation

– Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) 24 chromosomes 


– Same sex couples IVF / LGBTQ+ Families

– Egg/sperm freezing/Embryo Freezing

Most patients who come to us for treatment have exhausted their available options in their home country. And for some of these countries, the only point of contact for a patient undergoing fertility treatment is their doctor and usually a nurse. What they don’t have is a team designed to support them at every single stage of the process and be on hand from booking the treatment at home to arriving in Cyprus, undergoing the treatment and then travelling back home. If you’re used to a different healthcare system, then you might be wondering why you need anyone other than a doctor for your fertility treatment – why would you? The doctor is the only person that you need to carry out the procedures. 

But the thing is, going through IVF is not always easy, and whilst yes, you need a doctor to be doing the physical things, there’s so much more that goes into it, and the more complex it is, the more questions you’ll have. Team Miracle has come together to offer a complete package of care for our patients, from the time they click onto our website, to travelling to our clinic, undergoing the treatment, and returning home. We don’t just meet patients at the door and then shut it after them, we make sure that you are properly cared for at every stage so we can maximise the chances of a successful pregnancy. It’s not just about the treatment itself, but having an all-round care package so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting your body relaxed and ready for IVF. 

Relying solely on a doctor takes away some of the most valuable parts of the process, the all-round support from beginning to end. Team Miracle offer packages from A-Z – organising treatment dates, booking your flights, picking you up at the airport and taking you to your hotel, all transfers between your hotel and the clinic and taking you back to the airport for your return flight. Plus of course, all the care and support that you need during your time at the clinic. We will also create a WhatsApp group for our staff at the clinic once you arrive, so that you have a point of contact at all times, and we can answer any questions that you might have throughout the process. 

Our team has years of experience in ensuring that we give our patients everything they need, there’s nothing more reassuring than having a great team of experts around you, and that’s exactly what Team Miracle does. Each member is highly experienced in supporting fertility treatment so you’ll be in safe hands the whole time. And on the days when we don’t need you in the clinic, you’ll be free to explore our beautiful beaches and countryside, or even just relax around the pool at your hotel, or stay in the cool of your room and enjoy reading quietly; whichever you prefer. The staff at the clinic will have lots of suggestions and tips about how you can enjoy your time in Cyprus so there’s no need for hours of research. 

We strongly believe that having a calm atmosphere, and looking after your body, gives you the best chance of successful treatment – and that’s why we have formed Team Miracle.