Hope For New Life In the Late 40s

Journey To Reach Motherhood

An increasing number of women have dedicated their twenties into their career and education, which means they are starting to build families at an older age than past generations.

Women want to have children later in life, to get their careers began, and to create a home. They may have separated and want to start a family with a new partner. Middle-aged women are often fitter and more health-conscious than their younger counterparts lately.

The Truth About IVF Over 50

Why do women over 50 face so many problems linked to their fertility? Because, women in their 50s are going through menopause, which means that they stop ovulating. And, with no eggs, fertilisation (therefore, pregnancy) cannot happen.

Women are born with about 2 million eggs, and as they get closer to menopause, the remaining eggs are no more than 100. That decline in the number of eggs comes with a decrease in their quality, as well as age-related changes in the uterus that contribute to reduced infertility. What is remarkable, though, is the fact that although a woman’s eggs have an expiration date, her uterus can still provide a welcoming environment for a fetus to grow into, making pregnancy at an older age something completely achievable, even if the woman cannot use her own eggs!

Success rates over 40

IVF success rates decline with age, but many women in their mid-40s and early 50s can still conceive with their own eggs if they are given suitable fertility treatment. As women get into their late 40s, IVF statistics become grimmer, but not all hope is lost.

The chances of conception over 40 for several may still be quite good. Indeed, the number of women over 40 having a baby has raised four-fold within the past 30 years – and in Britain births to women over 35 now represent one in five of all babies born. The wishes to have a baby is a strong emotion, whatever the particular circumstances; some might be single women hoping to fulfil a lifelong desire, and some might be looking to complete a family which they started several years ago.

But it’s a fact that many women in this age group have difficulty conceiving spontaneously, and are turning more and more to fertility treatment.
They are not alone. In the UK around one in three of all women having fertility treatments were aged 40 or over. Depending on the results of your tests, Team Miracle will be able to advise you on your treatment options. All of these options vary in success for women over 40 and your doctor can discuss with you what treatment will guide to the most successful result for you.

How to Improve Your IVF Success Rate After 40 and Early 50s

Remember that infertility treatment only comes after a consultation with a doctor, an ultrasound scan and a blood test for an AMH –anti-muller hormone, which will show a supply of eggs in your ovaries.

But what if your eggs are not any longer healthy, or contain genetic abnormalities?

Egg Donation Over Age 40 and Early 50s

If the quantity of eggs is poor, or there is a long and, unfortunately, unsuccessful treatment history, it is still probable to become a mother.

In this case, IVF success is usually dependent on donor eggs. At Cyprus IVF Centre, in the cases that work with donor cells (egg donation), Team Miracle manage to help 65% of patients.

With donor eggs, there is a significant change of prospect. First of all, Team Miracle eliminate all age-related problems and genetic issues that a baby could have as used eggs of young and healthy donors. Secondly, donor eggs give the chance to women in their menopause to experience the excitement of having a child when they want it the most and not when the world expects them to have one. Finally, you know that you get high-quality eggs that are combined with your partner’s DNA. Plus, you get to select the egg donor based on your personal preferences, be it the colour of their hair/skin/eyes, occupation, nationality, educational background, and many more.

IVF at Cyprus IVF Centre with Team Miracle

The good thing is that at Cyprus IVF Centre, Team Miracle ready to help you become a mother 45s and up to age 50s.

If you are 40 or older, and really want to carry a baby of your own, IVF is a great option to begin with.

When researching fertility centres, one thing to be knowledgeable of is that some fertility centres strongly limit the age of intended parents to keep their live birth numbers high when they report to SART. This is why, when doing your research, you need to check their policy on the age of the intended parents to make sure the IVF centre is a good fit for you.

The good news is that there are no age limitations in North Cyprus for a couple or single woman who wish to have a child.
IVF is for everyone, regardless of their age.

Is IVF Over 50 Legal in North Cyprus?

In most European countries, IVF procedure is not legal for patients over 45-49, mostly due to ethical considerations that cannot be justified through medical reasoning. This is one of the reasons why numerous European citizens in their 50s visit to North Cyprus to have their IVF treatment or try any other modern technologies in the field of reproductive medicine. 

Cyprus IVF Centre has almost 3 times better success rate compared to the UK. And, with these great results, they can have their always desired family with Team Miracle.

As of now, Team Miracle has helped many women over 50 years of age to give birth to perfectly healthy, happy children without any issues whatsoever. It should be noted that Cyprus IVF Centre has been granted permission by the Ministry of Health and can legally provide valuable assistance to patients that are indeed fit and healthy enough to have a baby regardless of their age.

What are the chances of getting pregnant in one round?

Many people question the cost of IVF and if it is worth multiple cycles. For women 40 and older age, the chance of getting pregnant with just one cycle of IVF is 8%. While that means there is a chance you could become pregnant with one cycle of IVF, it also suggests that you should anticipate undergoing multiple IVF cycles to become pregnant, and may want to discuss with your fertility specialist about your personal odds and potential success.

Do not forget that just because statistics show that IVF is less successful for women over the age of 40, doesn’t mean that they are fast and tough rules. For many women, their personal infertility case, lifestyle, and prior pregnancy history play into how successful IVF treatment can be.

IVF has brought a beam of hope to many desperate couples that want to live the thrill of parenthood.
At the Cyprus IVF Centre, you have a strong collaborator which will assist you in achieving your dream. As long as your health allows it, Team Miracle can make into reality your wish to start a family, regardless of your age.

Living in the 21st century and as modern, open-minded people and medical experts, Team Miracle has taken an oath to offer our medical services to those that need them the most. So, what if you are over 50?
Family life can begin at any age!