Selecting the best IVF clinic to have fertility treatment is perhaps one of the most daunting things you will ever have to do. In a maze of questions about IVF and in the middle of so many and fast advancements in the field of reproductive medicine, it is almost impossible to keep up with the latest in the field and know all the newest fertility treatments available. For that reason, you need to find a fertility clinic that is qualified enough to be able to provide you with many options, expert medical staff, and state-of-the-art facilities (laboratory included) so that you can be sure your needs are met to the fullest. It is no wonder that thousands of patients fly to North Cyprus every year to have their fertility treatment at the Cyprus IVF Centre by Team Miracle.

But, before all that, let’s go through some basics.

When is it time to seek help from a fertility clinic?

Having a child is a blessing for many couples out there. However, it is not an easy journey for everybody. There are millions of women worldwide that struggle with getting pregnant for quite some time without success. Leading fertility expert, our doctors recommends IVF to women in their late 30s that have been trying to conceive for 6 months (or 12 months for women younger than 35 years of age), as well as women that have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or have had more than one miscarriage. IVF is also an excellent option for couples facing male factor infertility, where IVF can be combined with ICSI treatment and deliver remarkable results.

If you see yourself in any of these cases, there is no reason to become frustrated. This is not the end of the line for you or your partner. You can chase and eventually fulfill your dream of starting a family soon with IVF or any other fertility treatment offered at Cyprus IVF Centre.

How to Tell Whether a Fertility Clinic is a Good One

1. The Environment

You can always go for word-of-mouth recommendations from people you know and trust or start by doing some research on your own regarding where to go. One of the first things that you can quickly assess in a fertility clinic is the environment and how it makes you feel. Take a second and pay attention to the sensation you get from being there. Do you feel respected, welcomed and calm or does it feel as if you are in a construction zone with too much noise and too many people running around without even paying attention to you? You have the right to feel well looked after and a fertility clinic that respects its business and patients should know how to handle chaos and not be overwhelmed by it, when it happens (which should be extremely rare and not a part of their everyday operations). There is no doubt that the environment plays a crucial role in the outcome of any treatment. You are already in a state of excessive stress while trying to find the best IVF clinic to help you start a family and adding to that will only make things worse.

It is important that all patients feel like part of team and that you have experienced medical professionals working towards your best interests. And, as they say, first impressions matter. This is why Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre have invested heavily in creating a tranquil and relaxing clinic environment and have made sure our patients recuperate in utmost peace and quiet, with private en-suite bedrooms andall the support and help they need from the patient coordinators and medical staff.

2. What’s Offered

The best IVF clinic in North Cyprus, Europe or anywhere else in the world should offer much more than just IVF and ICSI. Each case is different, so we can’t expect only two treatments to be suitable for the wide variety of fertility problems couples face nowadays. So, don’t consent to be moved straight into IVF. Demand to be convinced that this is the best treatment for you.

At the Cyprus IVF Centre, for example, women with low ovarian reserve or polycystic syndrome can consider our tandem cycle or egg donation programs that can really make a huge difference if our doctors decide that IVF alone is not enough for that particular case. For men with poor sperm, which would normally have doomed any attempt to conceive, we offer ICSI, IMSI, TESA, PESA, Fertilile Plus and other treatments that allow us to maximise the chance of conception even with very poor quality sperm. For men whose sperm cannot be used for fertilisation, you can consider a sperm donor. In short, no matter the type of fertility and severity of each case, Cyprus IVF Centre by Team Miracle have a treatment plan that can maximise your chance of having a baby.

It should also be noted that we treat BOTH partners with due respect, not just the woman. This is why we make sure male partners are provided with a comfortable, private place, and the necessary types of aids to collect their semen samples requested for IVF, among others.

3. The Staff

Besides the doctor, who is a valuable component of the equation, the quality and success of an IVF clinic also lies in the other professionals working there, such as the embryologists and nurses. For that reason, check out their credentials, which will indicate if they are competent enough in their roles, and meet them in person if that’s possible to see how you will feel after talking to them.
Also check whether your potential clinic has a high staff turnover. If they do, it is not a good thing because it may mean that the quality of services provided now is not of the high standards it used to be.

4. How Do They Measure Success ?

In most fertility clinics, you will read and hear lots about their pregnancy rates. Although it sounds like a pretty straightforward term, it is nothing like that. Do their numbers come from the number of pregnancy test kits that have delivered a positive result to their patients or do they mean the established pregnancies evidenced by a heartbeat at the 8 week ultrasound? In the first case, you should know that there is 20% increased chance of losing pregnancy before the first ultrasound, so the pregnancy rates interpreted like that are disorientating.

The best IVF clinic should also publish pregnancy rates from a long period of time rather than just a few months. That way you can be sure they have a great control of their systems.

Other questions to ask when trying to choose the best IVF clinic

  • How do they deal with the possibility of multiple pregnancies?
  • How many embryos do they need to transfer to achieve pregnancy?
  • How many of their patients’ pregnancies are, at least, twins?
  • Can they transfer fewer embryos and still deliver good pregnancy rates?
  • Do they use blastocyst culture (Day 5 embryos)?
  • How do they screen their donors (if they have a donor program)?
  • What are the quality standards of their laboratory?
  • Can they protect the developing embryo from environmental and humidity changes? How?
  • What technologies do they use to keep the embryos safe and monitor their development at the same time?

Important Notes:

It is critical to feel absolutely confident with your decision and not have to second guess. So, ask as many questions as you feel needed. In case you are opting for a budget IVF clinic, you should definitely ask how prepared they are to handle any complications related to a patient’s poor response to the low-dose hormones they distribute to cut corners. A direct outcome of these lower doses is the production of fewer eggs. And, fewer eggs comes reduced chances to have the best embryo for transfer. Finally, the cost of every treatment should be clear, with no hidden fees.

Why is the Cyprus IVF Centre by Team Miracle Voted the Best IVF Clinic:

  • ISO certified hospital
  • Fully regulated clinic
  • Relaxing environment that infuses a calming sensation.
  • Internationally recognised specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.
  • Experienced and respected medical professionals.
  • Only ESHRE certified Clinical Embryologist in the whole of Cyprus.
  • Outstanding Patient Coordinators that provide valuable assistance to all patients.
  • Stellar laboratories.
  • Cutting edge technologies in IVF treatment.
  • Exclusive provider of EmbryoScope incubator, BlastGen, EmbryoGen and FertilePlus in Cyprus.
  • Plethora of treatments to address each patient’s infertility issue.
  • Best success rates on the island and 3 times better success rates than in the UK.
  • Precise and effective treatment for every budget.
  • Largest egg donor database in Cyprus
  • International sperm bank partners
  • No hidden fees
  • ICSI included for free with every cycle.
  • Free blastocyst transfer.

It is impossible to list all the reasons that have made Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre the number one IVF centre for over thousands of couples this year alone. So, if you have any questions or require more details about any of the available treatments, please call or contact the team for more information. You deserve the best fertility treatment and Team Miracle will make the impossible possible to give you exactly that!

Let’s work together so that this time next year you are experiencing the joys of parenthood!