Statistics suggest that in the UK alone there are over two million single parents. They make up around a quarter of all families with children – a figure which has remained consistent for the past decade. Sometimes single parenthood is through choice and sometimes through circumstance, but increasingly women are not letting lack of a partner stop them from becoming a mother. It’s becoming an increasingly popular option; in 2012, 632 single women elected to have IVF treatment, compared 259 in 2007. At the Cyprus IVF Centre, single women having fertility treatment has become commonplace. With the Centre at the cutting edge of reproductive medicine, Team Miracle have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through IVF as a single woman.

Carrying a child and giving birth is a primeval instinct. It’s blueprinted into all of our bodies to ensure propagation of the species. The desire to have a baby can be overwhelming for women and very hard to ignore. Seeking fertility treatment as a single woman has become more and more common, with single British women making up 2.3% of all people having IVF.

What reasons do women usually have for choosing this option?

  • Purely and simply, lack of a partner. Women are unwilling to compromise on their choice of partner simply for the purpose of pregnancy.
  • In today’s world many women have focused on establishing their career and becoming successful in the workplace and it can be easy to get to 35 and realise that the optimum time for becoming a mother is drawing closer to running out. Women in an uncertain relationship may opt to become a mother on their own instead of waiting for their partner to agree.
  • If they need fertility treatment to become pregnant at all, low quality eggs or needing donor eggs or embryos.

In today’s society women no longer need a man to make pregnancy a reality. So they are more confident in making the choices that suit them. Realising that their fertility may be decreasing is often the prompt women need to approach the idea of having fertility treatment. It can seem scary but Team Miracle have seen women from many different situations who have chosen to conceive alone and can answer any queries that you have.

What do I need to consider as a single woman contemplating IVF in Cyprus?

There is no longer any stigma surrounding single women having fertility treatment. There is just one choice to be made: whether to use sperm donation or embryo donation.

Sperm donation

This makes fertility treatment a much simpler process. Donor sperm can be chosen from our sperm bank in Cyprus using your own criteria as to hair colour, height, eye colour, nationality, occupation etc. Our donors are subject to comprehensive screening before being accepted onto our sperm donation programme. This means that you can be confident of only being offered the very highest quality sperm.

During the IVF process, your chosen donor sperm will be used to fertilise your eggs on the day of egg collection.

Due to the laws in Northern Cyprus, sperm donors must be completely anonymous. If you would like to use an open donor rather than one of the donors from the Team Miracle sperm donation programme, you can purchase sperm from any sperm bank around the world and have it shipped to Cyprus IVF Centre.

Embryo Donation

Embryo donation is the term used when you require donor eggs and donor sperm.

Why would I need embryo donation rather than just donated sperm ?

There are a number of reasons why a woman may choose or need a donor embryos. These include:

  • Low or poor quality egg reserves
  • If you have gone through the menopause
  • If IUI/IVF with own eggs has been unsuccessful in the past
  • If you have a genetic disorder that you are at risk of passing on

It may seem a daunting choice to make but actually, it is all relatively simple. Team Miracle will be on hand throughout the treatment and afterwards to ensure that you are well looked after. They have both the knowledge and expertise to answer any questions or worries that you may have.
You will provide characteristics that you would like in your egg and sperm donor and Doctors of Team Miracle will provide a selection of donors for you to choose from. While you are taking medication at home to prepare your endometrium, Team Miracle will prepare the embryos for your arrival in Cyprus. You will fly to Cyprus for the embryo transfer procedure whereby Our doctors at the Cyprus IVF Centre will transfer embryos into the uterus via a thin catheter. This takes place at the blastocyst stage which is generally 5 days after fertilisation.

Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre

With IVF in Cyprus you can be sure of receiving the very highest quality of care as you begin your journey as a single woman through fertility treatment. With the number of women seeking this treatment expanding rapidly every year, the knowledge, experience and resources being aimed at fertility treatment for single women is growing equally quickly.

Women are now taking control of their own fertility and deciding for themselves when is the right time to have children. By choosing the Cyprus IVF Centre and Team Miracle, you will be gaining a wealth of knowledge and support as you go through your journey to parenthood.