It’s common with IVF patients to have waited a long time to become pregnant. It may be that natural conception just didn’t happen, or perhaps you needed supplementary treatments. You may have sought IVF straight away, or you may have dwelled on the decision for months, or even years. Whichever way, it’s likely that you have envisaged many times over the moment that you discover you are pregnant.

A positive result with a pregnancy test after treatment at the Cyprus IVF Centre is going to be exciting, elating and perhaps a little bit nerve-wracking. After all, you now have a tiny person taking root inside you and it’s your body’s job to nurture and grow this tiny seed. Emotions may be intensified after IVF and it’s perfectly normal to feel a little worried alongside your joy, so don’t worry if that’s you.

So what else happens once I’m pregnant ?

For the first few days – nothing. Some people worry that they should stay confined to bed in order to let the embryo implant properly, but this is not the case. There is no risk of it ‘falling out’ as your uterus exerts an almost gravitational pull on the embryo to keep it in place.

Things that go through your mind once you find out that your treatment by Our doctors at the Cyprus IVF Centre has been successful, might include slight nervousness. After all, it’s a huge responsibility and if it is your first pregnancy, fear of the unknown is common. And if it isn’t, some women feel trepidation at what the new addition will mean for their family. All of these sorts of worries are common when you first discover that you are pregnant.

You should try and spend the very early days feeling excited and relaxed and enjoying the feeling of being pregnant. Unless you have severe morning sickness of course!

You should also email your Patient Coordinator to share the news. They will need to know your beta HCG blood test result in order to determine whether you need to change your dose of medication or continue with the same regime. They will also be able to gauge whether you have one baby or perhaps multiples!

What next ?

The most important thing is that you must continue to take your medication regularly. Some medications will be taken until 10 weeks gestation and others must be continued until 12 weeks gestation, once the placenta is strong enough to manage the pregnancy without assistance.

You should decide when you want to tell people. It might be that you prefer to keep the news until a later stage, or just tell immediate family; the decision is yours. It’s an intensely personal decision, especially after undergoing treatment with Team Miracle at the Cyprus IVF Centre when your route to pregnancy may have been slightly more public than it otherwise normally would have been. There is no right or wrong way, it’s up to you and your partner (if applicable) to decide.

Another thing that you should begin to consider when you get that positive test is looking after yourself. From getting plenty of rest, to eating well and staying relaxed, be kind to your body. It has a massively important job over the next nine months. There are plenty of supplementary vitamins that you can take during pregnancy, however most of these should come from your diet. It’s understandable that you might go off certain foods, but do try and eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, plus the usual carbs and protein. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to ‘eat for two’. Your body will require slightly more nourishment as the pregnancy advances, but there’s no need to consume more in the early stages. You’ll only need an extra 200 calories in the third trimester.

If the opposite happens and you can’t keep anything down, just concentrate on sipping plenty of water to stay hydrated. Feeling sick is very common in early pregnancy, experts aren’t sure why it happens but it’s thought to be linked to high hormone levels. Just try and nibble at dry toast or biscuits and drink as much as you can. Your tiny foetus will not be affected – they take any nutrition from your body before you get yours. The only time when you might need to seek medical attention is if you develop debilitating sickness during pregnancy, known as ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’. This is severe or prolonged vomiting which leads to weight loss or dehydration.

You should also register with your midwife once you have a positive test. This can usually be done through your local GP surgery. You generally won’t need a GP appointment in early pregnancy, unless there are specific issues, but the midwife will usually do your ‘booking-in’ appointment at around 6-10 weeks.

What can I expect at my booking-in appointment ?

This is exactly as it sounds, you are registering your pregnancy for the attention of the midwife. An initial appointment usually consists of measuring your weight and height, taking your blood pressure and checking your urine. You can also take this opportunity to ask any questions that you might have. Your midwife will probably ask you where you would like to have your baby, you can name a hospital local to you, or a birthing centre or register yourself as having a home birth. Your midwife will see you approximately once a month until the later stages of pregnancy when she will see you every two weeks and then finally every week leading up to the birth.

How do I calculate my estimated due date?

If you were still having periods before the treatment, you will calculate the pregnancy from day 1 of your last menstrual bleed. This would have been approximately 10 days before you flew to Cyprus to commence your IVF treatment with Team Miracle.

If you were no longer having periods, day 1 of the pregnancy is calculated from the day that you started the medication protocol.

By the time you take your pregnancy test you will be approximately 4 weeks pregnant.

A normal gestation is 40 weeks from day 1.

When can I have my first scan ?

If you are following the normal government scheme in your country, your first ultrasound scan will probably be scheduled for approximately 12 weeks gestation. At that time they will do the regular screening tests.

If you can’t wait for that long to see the little Miracle baby growing inside you, you can arrange a private scan for 7 weeks gestation when you should be able to see the tiny flickering heartbeat.
The scan will also confirm how many babies you are carrying. It’s a very special moment so try and get a print out of the ultrasound to keep for your family photo album!

Rest and Relaxation !

Apart from the practical and medical side of things, you will also have the emotional side to consider. Perhaps you have other children to prepare, or maybe a house move or alteration, or beginning to save for education. Pregnancy means different things for different people and yet there is one common denominator stretching across all expectant mothers – you should feel very, very proud of yourself. Your body is doing an amazing thing. You are growing a human! So take it easy, rest, relax – and keep us at the Cyprus IVF Centre updated. We can’t wait to see the baby photos!