Social and psychological pressure to have a family can be great. In the timeline of life children generally start making an appearance when their parents are somewhere around the thirty years old mark. For those that then struggle to conceive, this can mean an added strain; especially if planning a family has been many years in the making. However the miracle of IVF in Cyprus means that you can still have that family – you might just need some coping strategies for the early stages.

What can I do to help myself ?

Accepting that you might feel distressed is important. Never mind whether someone has offered you a solution, feeling upset about what you had imagined would happen is a healthy thing to do. A fertility problem can have a similar impact to a crisis in your life and it is quite possibly one of the most difficult challenges that you will face. As such it’s very normal to feel stressed or sad or upset.

Resist any temptation to blame yourself. Whatever might lie in your past – weight issues, a termination or maybe you’re simply older than you thought you would be when you started a family – none of that is going to have any impact on fertility problems. At the Cyprus IVF Centre we see all sorts of individual situations and we understand just how common it is to need assisted conception. To blame yourself is classed as negative thinking and it’s pointless, you can only make the right decision for you at the time that decision is needed. Focus your energy instead on how to deal with the situation.

Understand that your partner is going through it too – just maybe not in the same way or pattern or timeframe as you. Be open with each other and discuss honestly what options you have when you travel to Cyprus for IVF treatment. Don’t neglect the emotional side of your relationship.

Reading as much information as you can is a good idea. Perhaps look at the facts and figures and familiarise yourself thoroughly with the treatment process. The world of fertility medicine is advancing quickly and there can be rapid and complicated changes. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you like – our patient co-ordinators are there to help and guide you from day one.

Try and put a mental timescale in place for your treatment. If you have boundaries for what procedures you’re happy to have, or for how long you’ll undergo IVF, then voice them and understand clearly what you’re happy with and what you’re not. IVF means different things for different people; don’t be afraid to embrace what it means for you. Even if that means ruling out certain treatments.

Be clear on how you will afford IVF. Travelling abroad to Cyprus for your treatment reduces the cost of it dramatically and you will find our payment options realistic and inclusive. If finances are going to be a struggle then create a saving plan. This will help you control and manage your money. Many of our treatments at the Cyprus IVF Centre are low cost compared to those in the UK. Avoid getting into debt or allowing costs to spiral out of control. Plan carefully exactly what it is that you want to afford – and make your money work for you.

Decide how you want to approach your IVF in Cyprus. You will find plenty of support from the professionals at the Cyprus IVF Centre and there will always be someone on hand to help and advise you, should you need it. Our patient co-ordinators are experienced in the range of emotions that can accompany IVF procedures and we are always happy to help and support.

Feel free to avoid any baby-related situations if they’re going to upset you. Friends and relatives will understand. Social occasions with little ones around are one thing, but baptisms and baby showers can be quite another if you’re going through assisted conception.

Donor eggs ? Tandem cycle ? Embryo transfer ?

Keep reading! Staying current on what’s out there and why will help you keep up to date with the IVF world. Learn what applies to your particular diagnosis and stay abreast of any changes. Fertility treatment is a very personal thing and matching yours to your ideals can help enormously if you aren’t too sure about the process.

Make sure that you look after yourself in other ways. Take the emphasis off IVF for a while and indulge your inner shopping diva or get a new hairstyle. And take a friend with you! Laughter is the best medicine, as the famous saying goes, and it could certainly help you through any tricky times.

Be relaxed. More and more people are opting for IVF treatment in their pregnancy choices, it is no longer only for those who aren’t able to conceive naturally. Gender selection, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and using donor eggs, sperm and embryos have all seen a marked increase in recent years.

Having IVF doesn’t mean that you’re infertile as a couple – it means that you’re on a route to conception which gives you ultimate choice. Fertility treatment can be hard mentally and physically, but by choosing to have your treatment at the Cyprus IVF Centre you’ve guaranteed yourself the best treatment carried out by the most highly-qualified medical team. Due to our painstaking research and skill, we are very proud that our success rates are ever-increasing. Could you be our next one ?