After The Embryo Transfer

In IVF treatment, the embryo transfer process is an exciting and stressful journey in your fertility treatment. It is also essential for your success rate of IVF cycle. First of all, stay calm and never forget that you are very much not alone. In this inspiring journey, we will be happy to be with you as Team Miracle, and we can promise that you will be in good hands at Cyprus IVF Centre.

The embryo transfer is the final step for the IVF treatment. Once your embryos have been transferred, you are mostly waiting for them for about two weeks and for certain hormone levels to rise to order to sustain the pregnancy.


Take Time To Yourself

While there is no proof that bed rest is beneficial after transfer, finding ways to relax during the dreaded “two-week wait” between transfer and your pregnancy test is good common sense. You have been through so much in the weeks leading up to the transfer, and this is a valuable time to nurture yourself. Use this time to try to take it easy and relax, get plenty of sleep, rest and listen to your body. If you want to make a day off to cuddle up on the couch and watch a good tv show or a movie to relax, Do it. Keep in mind, Team Miracle also has a good list of the best 20 movies. Also, if you feel anxious and want to move around, go for a quiet walk somewhere soothing, both before and after the 2WW, and spend time with family and friends.

Always be positive and happy.

Avoid Extremes Of Temperature

Saunas, hot tubs, yoga or any activity that raises your internal body temperature is something to consider not doing at this point. That is important for your IVF success without any problems. In general, it is best not to be submerged in water such as baths or pools during this time, as it leaves you vulnerable to infection.

Gain Healthy Eating Pattern Prior To IVF

A healthy diet for fertility, in general, is one that is going to be as fresh and unprocessed as possible. That is going to give you the best possible result when it comes to ensuring that you have the nutrients, the building blocks, and the foundation to optimise your fertility. That really raise your chance for the success in IVF treatment.

Avoid foods like soft cheeses and high-mercury fish, and check with your doctor or any member of Team Miracle about any supplements or vitamins you should be taking. Avoid all harmful substances such as nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. Those directly affect your process in IVF treatment.

Take Folic Acid

A study by Boston School of Public health noted that women who consumed folic acid intake (combining diet and supplement pills) and found the group that took a higher amount had higher live birth rates after embryo transfer. Except if you are in a high-risk group (e.g. overweight, history of a child with a neural tube defect), you should take 0.4-1.0mg (400 – 1000 mcg) of folic acid daily.

Green leafy vegetables for example spinach, citrus fruits like orange juice, beans are the list of dishes Team Miracle will recommend to you.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Water is necessary for the function of all organs in the body, including the reproductive organs. For that reason, it is very essential to drink enough water while trying to conceive.

To maintain adequate hydration and to help regulate cell hydration, which is essential for proper cell functioning it is recommended that you drink between 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. If you don’t drink enough water, your cervical fluid (the stuff that helps the sperm find the target egg) becomes sluggish.

Avoid Excessive Exercise

You do not need to restrict all your normal activities. You can go for a walk, drive, go to work if your work does not involve lifting anything heavy. High-impact exercises are a bad idea at this point. A hard workout may also stimulate uterine contractions.

Improve Sleep Pattern For The Chance Of Increasing IVF Success

When you do not get enough sleep, your melatonin levels, get out of balance and you also develop a situation where the body is in that state of stress, fight or flight response.

What About Acupuncture?

Acupuncture may be considered when trying to conceive, immediately before beginning fertility treatment, or during the first few weeks of pregnancy.
Acupuncture increase the flow of oxygen around the body also decreases stress. Studies support that positive mental attitude and prove that psychology and stress levels have a massive impact on the result of the IVF cycle.

IVF journey can be stressful and emotional for women and couples. Acupuncture may help in alleviating stress and allow your body to function at its best possible health. When deciding to try acupuncture, it is essential that you chose a qualified acupuncturist and let your fertility specialist.

At Cyprus IVF Centre, we have a highly experienced acupuncture therapist who can offer specially tailored fertility acupuncture sessions to support and compliment your IVF treatment.

At any stage of the treatment, Team Miracle will be happy to help you during your IVF journey to make you feel comfortable and safe.

We are always here to help You.