EmbryoScope+ The Best Cultivation Technology for Your Embryos

IVF Treatment consists of methods developed continuously. The aim of each method developed and found is to increase the chances of success.

Team Miracle works together to bring their diverse skills to IVF to build the multi-functioning structure together and keep your pregnancy success rates high.

While there’s no doubt that some procedures seem more impressive than others, a new development comes along that rocks the IVF world; EmbryoScope+ time-lapse incubator!

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If you want to have the best cultivation conditions for your embryos, the cultivation in the EmbryoScope+ will be the best choice.

There are always small changes and improvements being made to the various treatments at the Cyprus IVF Centre, however none so contributory as this new incubator.

Team Miracle is proud to be able to use the world’s most technologically advanced tools to select successful embryos, making healthy babies as part of your treatment process.

EmbryoScope+ has been imported for being used at Cyprus IVF Centre, which is the one and only machine in Cyprus.

What is EmbryoScope+?

That incredible scientific development is a new generation incubator that uses time-lapse imaging technology for 24/7 which allows continuously observe your embryos during their development.

Because the image systems that provide the examination of the embryo are directly integrated into the incubation system and the video development records can be evaluated in an accelerated manner.

This is for the better quality and better potential of embryos’ culturing process, that helps to increase pregnancy and success rate for infertility treatment.

The use of this technology can help in the selection of the best quality embryo for transfer when embryo selection is difficult.

This process takes 5 days and from the evaluation of embryos’ 5-day development is of great importance in terms of determining which embryo to transfer to the mother’s womb.

IVF Doctor Looking at Embryoscope Scans at Cyprus IVF Centre

Embryo Quality and Embryo Monitoring System

EmbryoScope+ is important to understand for normal or abnormal embryo development following the growing of embryos. Although a healthy embryo is divided correctly and at a correct rate, it is possible to observe that non-healthy embryos are incomplete, inaccurate, even too slow or too fast.

Research shows that the miscarriage probability of embryos, when placed in the uterus, increases considerably because of the poor quality of the embryos. Good quality embryos do not have any problems on the uterus. Reviewing time-lapse images can help to Team Miracle for fine-tuning embryo selection because embryo quality may directly affect the success of IVF treatments.

How important is that?

EmbryoScope+ contributes uniquely sealed conditions for the embryos. Standard IVF involves embryos being removed a some of the times for ‘manual’ monitoring. Removal from the incubator results in humidity, air pressure and temperature changes which can be damaging to the embryo; however, EmbryoScope+ keeps the embryos undisturbed in a stable and warm culture environment.

EmbryoScope+ is a unique incubator, a controlled environment, which allows to maintaining the necessary physiological conditions for an embryo to survive.

That gives more precise information to Team Miracle on how each embryo is growing, and therefore EmbryoScope+ helps Team Miracle embryologist to the best-quality embryos to be chosen for transfer.

In standard IVF treatments, embryos are grown in a laboratory environment in materials called incubators. The main reason for these devices are to imitate the uterine environment. Thus, the most appropriate embryo development is to provide. However, to achieve this, embryos must be removed from the incubator to be checked, which may cause damage to the embryo. This risk is reduced with EmbryoScope+ because the embryos can be kept under observation without removing their secure environment for 24 hours.

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