The Miracle Of Science : First IVF Baby Turns 41!

Louise Brown First IVF Baby

Exactly 41 years ago, Louise Brown opened her eyes to the world as hope. She is the world’s first baby to be conceived through in vitro fertilization born in England. 

Her parents had been trying to have a baby for nine excruciating years when they met the pioneers Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe who had been experimenting mixing sperm and egg outside the womb and re-implanting them.

Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe were behind this success, which evoked attention all over the world, and Louise Brown was living proof it could achieve.

Her birth changed the trajectory of fertility treatment in the UK and beyond.

Her revolutionary birth by IVF marked the opening of a new era in reproductive technology; since then, more than six million babies have been born worldwide as a result of IVF. 

In 2010, Her doctor Robert Edwards won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for the development of in vitro fertilization.

And today, IVF is a standard medical procedure that is an essential part of the fertility industry.

The world’s first successful IVF baby Louise Brown has become a hope for women who are struggling to conceive.

With success in England, hopeful parents began fighting stereotypes attached to IVF. A couple talked for the magazine avoided the term “test-tube baby” in an try to normalize the method.

Louise Brown tells an interview with Time Magazine that now, 40 years later, people’s responses to her are really affirmative.

“A few months ago I was in the store with my husband and sons, and I heard footsteps running up behind me,” she says. “It was a woman, and she had a 4-year-old — the same age as my son — and a tiny baby in a pram. She said that she’d always wanted to thank my mom and me because, without us, she would never have had those two. It makes you tears up.”

Today IVF is an essential method for the treatment of infertility, and this method continues to become more popular, which means the technology and success rates continue to improve as well.

With the development of medicine and technology for 41 yearlong, Team Miracle for 11 years continues to be the hope for many women and couples who want to have a baby.

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