When you think about the IVF process, what comes to your mind? Pain? Expense? Repeated pregnancy failure? Well read on to find out some facts that Team Miracle want you to know – and revolutionise your IVF thinking!

  1. The vitrification process has completely changed the game for IVF treatment cycle using frozen embryos. Up until very recently, slow freezing was used, where an embryo was simply frozen very, very slowly. Whilst this method did preserve the egg, and there was a degree of success with using them in IVF, vitrification represents a huge step forward. Using this latest method, the freezing process takes place very quickly, meaning that ice crystals that could potentially damage the embryo are prevented from forming. This new technique means that there is the same chance of successful IVF treatment in Cyprus using frozen embryos as there is with fresh ones.
  2. The process of culturing embryos outside the body has improved dramatically – which has had a significant impact on IVF success rates. Twenty years ago, a 20% pregnancy rate was impressive – these days it’s more like 60% of patients will have a healthy baby from IVF treatment in Cyprus.
  3. It’s possible to have your entire family from just one cycle of IVF. Lots of couples have their first pregnancy using fresh embryos and then subsequent pregnancies with frozen ones.
  4. 4. It’s much easier for women to freeze eggs now through the vitrification process and this gives far more treatment options. Women can choose to have their eggs collected and frozen at a time to suit them and be safe in the knowledge that they can begin their IVF program in Cyprus in the future, using the same quality of eggs.
  5. IVF treatment is becoming more and more affordable, especially if you travel abroad. The Cyprus IVF Centre is proud to offer a wider range of treatments than in the UK at a lower cost without compromising on care standards. We also incorporate some procedures at no extra cost at all, such as ICSI.
  6. Declining fertility need not be a problem any more. There are many reasons why some women wish to defer treatment, such as age, illness, not being with the right person or simply wanting a career before family. In the past this meant taking chances with fertility and a real gamble as to whether or not a woman could fall pregnant when she wanted to. No matter how much care you take of yourself physically, the quality of your eggs will decline with age regardless and by your late thirties your fertility will have decreased. Using the vitrification technique, women can have their eggs harvested now and then frozen until they are ready to use them – without compromising on quality.
  7. It’s important to seek fertility help before too long. If you are under 35 and you experience problems for between six months and a year then you should start looking for specialist help. If you are over 35 then just six months of infertility means that you should seek fertility advice. The world of fertility medicine is ever expanding and treatments are becoming more and more successful; there is nothing to fear and no taboo in going down the IVF in Cyprus route.
  8. You don’t need a GP referral to have your IVF abroad. You can simply make your own enquiries when you feel ready. At the Cyprus IVF Centre, Team Miracle have a wide range of experience in treating many different individuals and for many different reasons. Once you have made an initial enquiry, there is no obligation to start your IVF treatment straight away; you can wait until you are ready.
  9. If you’re not sure whether IVF is right for you, there are a few simple tests that will tell you. Most of these are non-invasive and very quick. It means that you don’t have to spend time worrying and weighing up the pros and cons of potential treatment. Team Miracle will be able to guide you in the right direction for the tests you need.
    10. IVF is not for everyone. There may be other factors which mean that simply creating an embryo outside the body and returning it to the uterus may not be the right solution for you.

But whatever your situation or concerns, Team Miracle at the Cyprus IVF Centre will always be on hand to help and advise. We can answer any questions and set your mind at rest about IVF treatment in Cyprus. Team Miracle are a highly qualified and skilled team and we have spent six years creating a methodology for working effectively together. Between the geneticists, embryologists, our doctors and patient co-ordinators we can guarantee you a first class IVF experience. And that’s really the most important thing for you to know.