At the Cyprus IVF Centre we are experienced in blending every element of our expertise to form a truly formidable team. Each stage of IVF at the Cyprus IVF Centre forms an important part of the entire process. Team Miracle work together to bring their disparate skills to IVF in order to build the multi-functioning structure together and keep our pregnancy success rates high. While there’s no doubt that some procedures seem more impressive than others, occasionally a new development comes along that rocks the IVF world.

The Embryoscope+ time-lapse incubator is one of these. Expert embryologist opinion has gone into the manufacture of this incubator and it represents one of the biggest advantages in IVF in recent times. There are always small improvements and adjustments being made to the various treatments at the Cyprus IVF Centre, however none so instrumental as this new incubator. We are very proud to be able to use this worldwide market leader product as part of our treatment process.

What exactly is this new incubator ?

The embryoscope time-lapse incubator monitors the development of each individual embryo and then produces images of this development. This allows Team Miracle to see at a very early stage which embryos are the most viable. The embryoscope incubator maintains the embryo culture conditions in an absolutely stable manner whilst simultaneously producing images of these embryos at set points. This allows the incubator to track the progress, analyse data results and place them into an order of best possibilities to maximise your chance of success with your IVF treatment in Cyprus.
At the Cyprus IVF Centre, Team Miracle are committed to providing the very highest quality IVF treatment. This includes having the best medical personnel and supporting staff as part of our team and applying top quality treatments to ensure that our patients get the result they want. We have gender selection techniques, genetic screening processes and the leading obstetrician in North Cyprus to oversee all of the IVF processes.
However, as well as this, Team Miracle remain committed to the base principle of seeking new ways for the Cyprus IVF Centre to increase pregnancy success rates, and this revolutionary new incubator represents one of the most exciting advances of recent years.

Clinical studies show that by using the embryoscope time-lapse incubator, pregnancy success rates can be advanced by 23% and early pregnancy loss rates reduced by 36%.

How does this incubator help to produce these results ?

In the very early stages of blastocyst and then embryo development, the cell division is rapid and occurs at set times. The embryoscope time-lapse incubator takes images of this development every fifteen minutes. Because research shows that embryos divide at set intervals, monitoring this process has shown a significant increase in positive outcomes. Whereas before there was a delay, there is no longer a waiting time to study the whole result and assess possibilities on that basis. Now separate images are produced in a sequential way which allows diagnostics techniques to identify embryos which have the highest potential to develop into viable pregnancies at the very earliest stage. Naturally, the IVF community is very excited by this possibility and Cyprus IVF Centre is no exception to this.

Our patients are central to our clinic, and by increasing the ways that we can offer a top quality, bespoke process, we can ensure that our treatment procedure remains on a world class level. Not only do we have the techniques and knowledge to produce the highest pregnancy rate in North Cyprus, but we have also amalgamated the most revolutionary treatments so that we can accommodate individual patient wishes.

The embryos are kept in the optimum state by careful assessment of their environment and ensuring that this is maintained. Therefore, the images being produced have no impact on the welfare of the embryonic foetuses. Their conditions are kept absolutely stable.

From these stable conditions, by analysing patterns of development, we can select the best, most viable embryos from the group and if we transfer just these embryos, we can increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Using fewer, top-quality embryos means that the chances of a healthy pregnancy developing are vastly increased. Team Miracle will be able to use their expertise to identify which embryos have the best chance of going on to result in a healthy foetus.

Loss of an early pregnancy can be an extremely traumatic experience, especially if a difficult conception has resulted in IVF treatment. The use of the Embryoscope+ in Cyprus can help to cut these losses in a significant way. By analysing the data from the incubator, Team Miracle can take the best quality embryos and only transfer those ones. We no longer need to rely on multiple embryo transfer to maximise the chances of a successful pregnancy. Therefore, the risk of losing a pregnancy is much reduced.

The use of this new incubator with Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre will revolutionise the IVF treatment we can provide. Yet again we have identified, and procured, something which will be of very high clinical value to us – and to you, the patient.