27 06, 2016

I had a negative IVF cycle. Should I have my immune system checked?

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There has been a lot of talks lately about immune testing and its relationship to failed IVF cycles. However, this area is understudied and fertility specialists have little knowledge of the immune system. Nevertheless, many have expensive immune tests done. For example, some of the tests include DQ Alpha, Reproductive Immunophenotype, Antinuclear Antibodies, TJ6 [...]

27 06, 2016

Are there patients who have successfully given birth to a baby after immunotherapy? What is your opinion ?

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To date, no theory has been able to establish a relationship between immune therapy and successful IVF treatment. Couples can successfully give birth after going through multiple IVF cycles. In such cases, there have been no changes in the procedure so far. Unfortunately, many fertility clinics still falsely claim an IVF cycle failure after [...]

14 11, 2014

I just began taking my oral contraceptive pills, and started bleeding half way through the cycle. Is this considered to be normal ?

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Spotting during the first month of using the oral contraceptive pill is a common occurrence and not something to worry about. However, if the bleeding becomes heavier, it indicates that the pills do not contain a sufficient amount of hormones suitable for your system. Therefore, you are advised to either contact Team Miracle or your [...]

14 11, 2014

Is swimming allowed after the embryo transfer process ?

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Swimming following IVF treatment is not recommended at all during your pregnancy due to potential infection risk. However, once you have reached your 12 week gestation mark, and, if you feel that you want to swim, you are recommended to contact the doctor who is looking after you during your pregnancy and ask them to [...]