ivf-treatment-in-cyprusThe Cyprus IVF Centre can certainly furnish you with all the medical information that you need about procedures, tests and outcomes of the fertility treatment process. But sometimes it’s slightly different information that you’re looking for. Like……….how does it actually feel ? What are the worst bits? What are the best? Essentially – what would your best friend tell you if she’d just gone through IVF treatment in Cyprus ? This isn’t medical advice, it’s just the stuff that no-one really mentions which can make your IVF in Cyprus a little easier.

How to prepare

This one is really worth thinking about. Getting mentally prepared and general things in life sorted out for a few months beforehand is one thing, but what about the peripheral stuff ? Your support structure for example. You’re likely to have friends and family who are behind you every step of the way, but bear in mind that sometimes the best support is silent. Of course everyone is going to be waiting for that crucial update from your treatment at Cyprus IVF Centre, but you need to make it clear before the process starts that the timescale is in your hands. You’ll share when you’re ready and able to and people need to wait if that’s what you choose. Brief your family not to question constantly and tell your close friends what to expect.

Make sure that you accommodate your extra phone use. Your phone bill is likely to be higher than normal. You’ll be texting and calling whenever you need, whether it’s for a chat or to update people on your days in Cyprus; how your follicles are doing or how many embryos were transferred. Your phone can be your lifeline sometimes. Smart phones are very useful when having IVF treatment abroad since there are applications that allow you to call and message for free.

Once IVF treatment has started in Cyprus

Take one day at a time. Don’t try and prepare yourself for a whole period of time, just let time happen to you. Don’t try and anticipate either, just take each scan and step as it comes.

Distractions are essential. During such an intense block of time at the Cyprus IVF Centre it can be tempting to allow yourself to be completely consumed by your IVF treatment and its results. But don’t. Look for distractions where you can and warn others that you may need help. This is where having your IVF treatment carried out in Cyprus is such a huge advantage. You’re away from home and mundane routines and you can immerse yourself in a different culture for a few hours and enjoy new experiences. Or just relax in the sun! You won’t just need distraction during the infamous two week wait after embryo transfer, but also before – whilst you wait for news from the Team Miracle coordinators about how your follicles are developing, the results of any tests or how your embryos are growing.

Keep relaxation in mind and find tried and tested ways that work for you. It might be massage, exercise, meditation, boat trips, sightseeing or just switching your phone off and going for a walk.

Take advantage of having your IVF treatment in Cyprus. There’s no requirement to dash out of the country once your treatment is completed, why not spend a few days simply enjoying being abroad and allow those embryos to get comfy?

Don’t be surprised to find yourself comfort eating! There are no rules against this, but at the same time try and eat the healthy stuff too. This is where having IVF treatment in Cyprus is beneficial; the Mediterranean diet is known for being very healthy and you’re unlikely to find the temptation of a McDonalds on every corner – even if it’s what you feel like.

During the two week wait

Don’t focus and fret during this time, but also don’t do anything that you could potentially blame yourself for later. You don’t need to treat yourself like a delicate glass, but just be sensible and bear in mind that you have embryos on board.

Along similar lines, don’t spend time obsessing over possible symptoms and don’t convince yourself that you’re automatically pregnant or, on the other hand, that it hasn’t worked. There are things your body has to do before a viable pregnancy occurs, and you have no way of knowing when or if these things will happen. Just try and keep the knowledge that you might be pregnant at the back of your mind.

Bloating may be an issue. The fertility drugs can make you look eight months pregnant before you’ve even had the embryo transfer. Try and wear elastic waistbands for stretch, but if that isn’t an option then a handy trick is to use a hairband, or an elastic band and loop it over the button on each side of your trousers so you don’t actually have to do it up. And then wear a long top to hide it!

And lastly – what if it fails? Well, this isn’t something that anyone ever likes to think about and actually, you don’t need to. You know there’s a chance that it might fail, but if it does – be kind to yourself. Remember that this is a grieving process. Not solely for the lost embryo, but more for the lost opportunity. Emotions can strike at any time, so indulge yourself. If you want to eat an entire tub of ice cream, then do it.

And the most important bit? During the IVF treatment in Cyprus, accept that whatever happens is going to happen. There’s nothing you can do beyond the basic things that will increase your chances. If you fall pregnant it won’t be because you ate an extra banana that morning and if you don’t it won’t be because you didn’t.

IVF is a journey – allow Team Miracle at the Cyprus IVF Centre to guide you through it.